Arden Arcade Community Meeting w Anne Marie Schubert Oct 22nd 6:30pm

If you lived in Sacramento, Northern California, or California in the '70s and '80's you will no doubt remember the stories of the East Area Rapist and/or the Golden State Killer. Ms. Schubert was instrumental in the identification of the monster who committed (allegedly) these heinous acts. Also, as Sacramento County's Prosecutor, few others know better the impact and ramifications of Propositions 47 & 57 on Crime & Safety in our Community, and the efforts underway to improve our Quality of Life here. 

We will also hold nominations and voting for the 2018 CCAN Board of Directors. If you are interested in participating, please be sure to attend!

Arden Arcade Community Meeting Sept 24th at 6:30p

For some time, there has been concern over Commercial development in Arden Arcade regarding what is being done, by developers/private investors and Sacramento County, to encourage healthy business growth, particularly in our Community. 

Also, there have been many changes recently over what can or cannot be recycled in our County provided bins. Numerous questions at a recent CCAN Meeting made it apparent that we want to be responsible citizens, and want to do the right thing, but don't fully understand how to comply, and why the changes were necessary. CCAN is proud to present exactly the right people to address those topics and answer questions at the September Meeting!

Speakers for this evening are:
Mr. Troy Givans, Director, Sacramento County Economic Development
Mr. Doug Sloan, Director, Department of Waste Management & Recycling

I hope you will plan to join us for an informative evening. Please share this invitation with your neighbors and friends in the Arden Arcade Community. Our meetings are the fourth Monday of each month. As always, if you know of a topic or speaker that you think would be of interest to the Community, please feel free to bring it to our attention! There is no cost to attend.

Arden Hills Club & Spa
1220 Arden Hills Lane
Sacramento, CA 95864
Sept 24th  6:30~8:00p

Sacramento County Economic Development

Sacramento County Waste Management & Recycling


CCAN Meeting with Michael Penrose, Deputy Director, Sacramento County

Join us Monday evening as Michael Penrose, Deputy County Executive for Public Works & Infrastructure at Sacramento County, will be our guest speaker. Bring your questions regarding our infrastructure, transportation and even recycling services. Public Works & Infrastructure provides services including code enforcement, construction management and inspection, building permits and development services, garbage/recycling collection, road maintenance, clean water, and storm protection. Until a new appointment is made, Mr. Penrose currently is the Director of Transportation and has been since 2008. Since March 2016, he also was the Interim Director of Community Development prior to the recent creation of Development & Code Services. Mr. Penrose has held additional leadership positions, including Chief of Transportation and Director of County Engineering.

County Services under Michael Penrose's Direction: