CCAN Meeting April 22nd with Albie Aware

CANCER. Specifically, breast Cancer.

We have all been touched by this insidious disease. According to the National Cancer Institute (www.cancer.com), breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in the U.S.

Sacramento is fortunate to be home to a remarkable organization- the Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation. CCAN is proud to bring Doug Carson, who Founded Albie Aware in memory of Albie Carson, wife and breast cancer victim, to share the story and the efforts of this wonderful local resource.

Albie Aware- Our Mission: "Provide assistance for life-saving diagnostic testing, patient advocacy, prevention education and compassionate support to local individuals facing or fighting breast cancer."

Albie Aware- Who We Help: "Sacramento’s leading breast cancer foundation, we provide immediate support to ANYONE facing a breast cancer diagnosis, going through treatment or living as a survivor. We assist with a very broad range of people and situations. Whether or not you have medical insurance, we can help with the cost of receiving diagnostic testing for breast cancer. You may need a referral for a plastic surgeon, oncologist or a second opinion. You may need questions answered about breast cancer and your treatment options. We welcome you and your family to meet with us at our Albie Aware Office to help you begin your journey, sort through your test results, look into treatment options or pick up some turbans and receive a hug. We are here for you."

Whether you have somehow been impacted by cancer, or might know someone who will be, please join us to learn how this Foundation assists those who are afflicted, and perhaps as importantly, how we might be able to assist the Foundation.

Please share with your neighbors and friends, but most importantly, please add this to your calendar now and join us for an informative evening.

Arden Hills Club & Spa
1220 Arden Hills Lane
Sacramento, CA 95864
April 22 6:30~8:00pm


Arden Arcade Community Meeting Sept 24th at 6:30p

For some time, there has been concern over Commercial development in Arden Arcade regarding what is being done, by developers/private investors and Sacramento County, to encourage healthy business growth, particularly in our Community. 

Also, there have been many changes recently over what can or cannot be recycled in our County provided bins. Numerous questions at a recent CCAN Meeting made it apparent that we want to be responsible citizens, and want to do the right thing, but don't fully understand how to comply, and why the changes were necessary. CCAN is proud to present exactly the right people to address those topics and answer questions at the September Meeting!

Speakers for this evening are:
Mr. Troy Givans, Director, Sacramento County Economic Development
Mr. Doug Sloan, Director, Department of Waste Management & Recycling

I hope you will plan to join us for an informative evening. Please share this invitation with your neighbors and friends in the Arden Arcade Community. Our meetings are the fourth Monday of each month. As always, if you know of a topic or speaker that you think would be of interest to the Community, please feel free to bring it to our attention! There is no cost to attend.

Arden Hills Club & Spa
1220 Arden Hills Lane
Sacramento, CA 95864
Sept 24th  6:30~8:00p

Sacramento County Economic Development

Sacramento County Waste Management & Recycling


CCAN Meeting with Michael Penrose, Deputy Director, Sacramento County

Join us Monday evening as Michael Penrose, Deputy County Executive for Public Works & Infrastructure at Sacramento County, will be our guest speaker. Bring your questions regarding our infrastructure, transportation and even recycling services. Public Works & Infrastructure provides services including code enforcement, construction management and inspection, building permits and development services, garbage/recycling collection, road maintenance, clean water, and storm protection. Until a new appointment is made, Mr. Penrose currently is the Director of Transportation and has been since 2008. Since March 2016, he also was the Interim Director of Community Development prior to the recent creation of Development & Code Services. Mr. Penrose has held additional leadership positions, including Chief of Transportation and Director of County Engineering.

County Services under Michael Penrose's Direction:

CCAN Meeting with Anne Marie Schubert- CANCELED!

CCAN April Meeting CANCELED.
Unfortunately, due to security issues, DA Schubert has had to reschedule some of her public appearances. 

We of CCAN apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


CRIME IN OUR COMMUNITY!!! What is being done about it?

CCAN is proud to host Anne Marie Schubert to share the efforts and challenges that her office faces. With roots in Arden Arcade and an alum of Loretto High School, she has since earned the support and endorsements of the vast majority of local elected officials in her role as Sacramento County's District Attorney.

Why has crime increased and what can be done about it? Come out and hear first hand what is being done about it! Ongoing investigations can not be discussed for legal and obvious reasons.

Please share with your neighbors and friends!

April 23rd 6:30p ~ 8:00p
Arden Hills Club & Spa
1220 Arden Hills Lane
Sacramento, CA 95864

Forum on Municipal Incorporation & Local Governance Oct 16th

There has been a great deal of discussion lately on Nextdoor and elsewhere about whether our community ought to be a city. A community forum on issues surrounding municipal incorporation to be held at Conzelmann Center at Howe Park on October 16th from 7:00-8:30p (doors will open at 6:30p). To be very clear, the meeting is not intended to promote formation of a new city. Rather, it seeks to inform people about the process of, and barriers to, municipal incorporation. Given that 4 million Californians live in urbanized unincorporated areas like ours, a statewide organization, California (un)Incorporated, has proposed ways to improve local governance and is hoping to change the state's policies that block new cities. The public is invited to come to the meeting to learn about the potential for better local government and removal of barriers to municipal incorporation. The guest speaker is Katherine Borges of the Salida Chamber of Commerce and California (un)Incorporated. The forum is presented by an array of community groups including the Advocates for Arden Arcade, the Country Club Alliance of Neighborhoods, Stammtisch and Vintage Arden-Arcade. Other community groups may be added as co-hosts.

Conzelmann Center at Howe Community Park
2201 Cottage Way, Sacramento, CA 95825

Please share this meeting information with anyone who you think might be interested.

CCAN Monthly Meeting Sept 25th IMPORTANT UPDATE!


SENATOR RICHARD PAN- On behalf of CCAN, I’m honored to announce that Dr. Pan, Senate District 6, will be speaking to the Arden Arcade Community at our meeting Monday.  

LIQUOR LICENSES IN ARDEN ARCADE- The Community of Arden Arcade is flooded with Liquor, Beer & Wine Licenses!!!   Or is it?

Conzelmann Community Center
Howe Community Park, 2201 Cottage Way (at Howe Avenue)

Dr. Richard Pan is a pediatrician, former UC Davis educator, and State Senator proudly representing Sacramento, West Sacramento, Elk Grove and unincorporated areas of Sacramento County.  He chairs the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Subcommittee on Health and Human Services, the Committee on Public Employment and Retirement and the Senate Select Committees on Children with Special Needs and on Asian Pacific Islander Affairs. He also serves on the Senate Committees on Agriculture; Business, Professions, and Economic Development; and Education.  Dr. Pan continues to practice pediatrics at WellSpace Health in Oak Park

Also joining us for the first time is Kathryn Sandberg, Supervising Agent with the State Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC), to address the concerns that have been raised and discussed thoroughly on Facebook and Nextdoor. Hear first-hand what the guidelines are for approving licenses and how our Community compares, not only with the guidelines themselves but with other communities in our region. (Please check back for updates regarding additional supporting speakers as they confirm.) 

As always, the Field Representatives of our Elected Officials are invited to attend and share the efforts of their respective Offices, and provide easy access for individual/offline questions.

WHEN YOU ARRIVE- Enter the park from Cottage Way, near the tennis courts and across from Home Depot. The meeting is in the nearby building to the East of the parking lot.

PLEASE SHARE this information with others who may be interested!

Senator Richard Pan
- Website- http://sd06.senate.ca.gov
- District Map- http://sd06.senate.ca.gov/district

CA Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control
- www.abc.ca.gov

Google Map displaying OFF-SALE Licenses in Arden Arcade
- Off-Sale Licenses are for stores which sell beer, wine and alcohol to-go.
- This map DOES NOT include Bars or Restaurants
- https://drive.google.com/open?id=1m5GIJ95wxf6rhfUUuh69gq_o75g&usp=sharing

CCAN Meeting- Increasing Crime. Liquor Licenses. Connection?

Crime is up in our Community- what is being done about it?
Arden Arcade is awash in Liquor and Beer & Wine Licenses!  Or is it?

Please join us Monday, Aug 28th from 6:30~8:00pm to hear speakers from the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office to learn what’s being done to combat crime, and from the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control to get the facts about Liquor, Beer & Wine licenses in our community.

Joy Smiley and Ron Linthicum, Deputy District Attorneys with the Community Prosecution Unit of the DA’s Office are unsung heroes in my book with regard to the work they have done and are doing in our area. They are returning to speak to CCAN and share the programs and procedures that they have initiated and that they are using to make Arden Arcade a better place to live and work. If you have questions, concerns or ideas of how to combat crime, please bring them to share!

Joining us for the first time is Kathryn Sandberg, Supervising Agent with Alcoholic Beverage Control, to address the concerns that have been raised and discussed thoroughly on Facebook and Nextdoor. Hear first-hand what the guidelines are for approving licenses and how we compare, not only with the guidelines themselves but with other communities in our region.

As always, the Field Representatives of our Elected Officials are invited to attend and share the efforts of their respective Offices, and provide easy access for individual/offline questions.

1220 Arden Hills Lane, Sacramento, CA 95864

WHEN YOU ARRIVE- Enter through the Grand Entrance, turn right at the top of the stairs and the room will be to the right. 

PLEASE share this information with others who may be interested! 

Google Map of OFF-SALE Licenses in Arden Arcade (Does NOT include Bars or Restaurants)
- https://drive.google.com/open?id=1m5GIJ95wxf6rhfUUuh69gq_o75g&usp=sharing

Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office- Community Prosecution Unit
- www.sacda.org/communityrelations/community-prosecution/community-prosecution-more-info

CA Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control- Licensing
- www.abc.ca.gov

CCAN Meeting re Afghan Refugees #2

* * * NEW LOCATION * * *

Howe Avenue Theater
(Community Center, Howe Avenue Park)
2201 Cottage Way, Sacramento (at Howe Ave.)
July 24th  6:30 ~ 8:30p

The Country Club Alliance of Neighborhoods (CCAN) is honored to be among the first Organizations to showcase the remodeled Howe Avenue Theater in the Community Center of Howe Avenue Park.

PLEASE put this event on your calendar NOW, as many people were VERY disappointed last time as they were either not informed of the meeting or not able to attend due to conflicting plans. PLEASE help in getting the word out to our Community! 

As many people were unable to attend the last meeting regarding the Afghan SIV Holders and refugees, we will be doing both a review and expanded presentation. The Speakers include an SIV Holder who will share his experience, a representative of World Relief (one of 4 local placement agencies) and Mikenzie will return to offer her routinely given but tailored presentation.

Please tell a friend!!!

Country Club Alliance of Neighborhoods (CCAN)