CCAN Meeting re Afghan Refugees #2

* * * NEW LOCATION * * *

Howe Avenue Theater
(Community Center, Howe Avenue Park)
2201 Cottage Way, Sacramento (at Howe Ave.)
July 24th  6:30 ~ 8:30p

The Country Club Alliance of Neighborhoods (CCAN) is honored to be among the first Organizations to showcase the remodeled Howe Avenue Theater in the Community Center of Howe Avenue Park.

PLEASE put this event on your calendar NOW, as many people were VERY disappointed last time as they were either not informed of the meeting or not able to attend due to conflicting plans. PLEASE help in getting the word out to our Community! 

As many people were unable to attend the last meeting regarding the Afghan SIV Holders and refugees, we will be doing both a review and expanded presentation. The Speakers include an SIV Holder who will share his experience, a representative of World Relief (one of 4 local placement agencies) and Mikenzie will return to offer her routinely given but tailored presentation.

Please tell a friend!!!

Country Club Alliance of Neighborhoods (CCAN)