2015 U.S. Senior Open Meeting Minutes

US Senior Open 2015 Information Meeting
February 3, 2015 @ 6:00 pm
Del Paso Country Club
3333 Marconi Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95821
Introduction – Supervisor Susan Peters



  • 7 days between June 22, 2015 – June 28, 2015
    • Monday – Friday,  5:30 am – 9:00 pm
    • Saturday and Sunday, 5:30 am – 6:00 pm
  • 150+ players
  • 2,600 Volunteers
  • 170,000 visitors to area
  • $17,000,000 impact to local area
  • Tickets available here
    • 17 and under free with adult ticket
  • 4 days live broadcast –
    6/25-6/26 Fox Sports, 6/27-6/28 Fox Broadcast (Fox 40 locally)
  • Food booths available on course
  • No In and Out privileges to spectators


  • Main entrance will be at Marconi and Morse intersection
  • The support team will be using the Marconi entrance
  • Spectators will be encouraged to park at Cal Expo (Free) where they will be security screened then bused to DPCC (see website for a list of prohibited items). 
    Shuttle route map available in PowerPoint
    From Cal Expo the buses will travel down Arden, left on Howe, right on Marconi – U turn before Watt, right on Morse into entrance.  Shuttle buses will run in “pods” 5-6 buses together, a total of 50-60 buses in use. 
  • Free scooters available at DPCC for those who need
  • Caddies and Media Parking will park at the Creekside Elementary School site with shuttles to DPCC 
    Security and parking attendant on-site
  • Catering prep at Mira Loma High School
  • Media Compound at Northminster Presbyterian Church – North of Marconi between Watt and Fulton

Street Closures

  • Street closures/restrictions during play time, as above, only.
  • Marconi Avenue between Lacy and Watt
    • One eastbound lane open to resident traffic only with passes
    • Residents affected will be contacted for passes
    • Marconi has been widened to allow u-turn of buses
  • Morse Avenue between Pope and Marconi
  • Street Closures to deeply impact Arden Arcade area.  “Saturated Patrol” during the event

Q & A – Open Forum
Q – Will residents who live near but not on a closed street be issued passes?
A – No, only those living in areas predesignated to be impacted will receive passes. 
Q – Will there be pedestrian crossing available from Creekside Neighborhood into DPCC?
A – Yes, there will be a crosswalk on Marconi, since street is shut down to all traffic except shuttles pedestrian access will be easier.
Q – Will non-residents be prohibited from parking in neighborhood streets?
A – No.  All legal parking is allowed.  Temporary signs will be placed along corridors encouraging spectators to park at Cal Expo and away from local streets, however, law enforcement cannot prohibit parking where legally allowed.  Pedestrian walkway from Howe down Marconi will allow spectators to safely walk along towards DPCC.
Q – Will parking along Marconi be permitted?
A – Yes, where already legal, except where streets are closed. 
Q – Neighborhoods directly surrounding DPCC will become shortcut streets as participants move to avoid closures.  How will this be managed?
A – Increase patrol to help move along traffic, however, expect an increase of flow as well as parking.
Q – Will there be signage to prohibit/discourage neighborhood traffic and parking?
A – There will be signage used at every corner and thoroughfare, per maps included in PowerPoint presentation, directing non-residents away from neighborhoods as well as cones used to restrict movement.
Q – Will the frontage road along Marconi be open, if so, how will traffic be restricted?
A – The Marconi Avenue frontage between Ashbourne Dr and Watt will be restricted to resident access only, passes to residents.
Q – Will there be a pedestrian access closer to local residents for volunteers, spectators?
A – All pedestrians will use entry on Marconi and Morse
Q – Is there a website locals can use to see detours?
A – Yes, the US Senior Open Website at http://www.2015ussenioropen.com/local-info.php
Q – As a local resident, I’m concerned about the impact to Whitney Avenue as traffic is redirected, what is being done to address this problem?
A – Local streets will be impacted.  CHP and Sac Co Sheriff’s Department will be using all resources including social media to keep non-residents from using local streets, however, with this many visitors, expect impacts.
Q – Directed to Supervisor Peters  - Can waste disposal arrange to pick up garbage, ordinarily on Fridays between 7:00 am and 4:00 pm – at a different time?
A – Yes, arrangements will be made.  Perhaps earlier in the morning, residents may consider putting out their cans the night before.
Q – Will there be closures on Watt Avenue?
A – No.  Flow on Watt Avenue per usual with exception of closure on Marconi, signal light will be adjusted not to allow turn onto Marconi.
Q – If increased traffic and parking in surrounding neighborhood leaves behind trash, will the County or DPCC clean it up?
A – Yes.  Use the published office number and cleaning crews will come to clean it up, even areas not on DPCC grounds. 916-489-3681
Q - Will there be bike parking?
A – Yes, at Morse and Marconi entrance there will be secured bike parking.
Q – How is the expenditure of the additional law enforcement, County personnel et al rationalized?  With 30-40 officers present at this meeting, are they being compensated through public expenditure?  Amongst the $17,000,000 generated, what amount will be retained and used in the Arden Arcade neighborhoods which are being affected by the tournament, other than the money retained by DPCC, a private club?  How does Arden Arcade benefit?
A – This meeting is purely to explain traffic flow, some CHP officers attended on their own time.  Arden Arcade will receive a good sense of community in return for hosting this tournament.
Q – Residents surrounding DPCC are concerned with an increase in crime as so many outsiders are brought into the area.  How is law enforcement addressing these issues?
A – Dispatch will be directed to push calls to local command posts, shortening response time.  Bike patrol and increased car patrols.  Neighborhoods will be patrolled heavily and often.  All crime in process calls to 911 as always.  Non-emergency line used, otherwise.
Q – What neighborhood areas will be included for increased patrols?
A – All of the Arden Arcade area will experience increased law enforcement presence. 
Q – May residents cone/restrict their driveways/homes to restrict parking?
A – Yes, however, limited to private property only.  Residents may not cone or block sidewalks, gutters, streets or anywhere else considered legal street parking.
Q – May residents charge for parking in their driveways?
A – Yes if on private property where legal.  No parking in grassed lawn.
Q – What sort of increase in air traffic should we expect due to news media?
A – Unsure as of yet, Sacramento has high level of restricted air space due to McClelland AFB, however residents should expect to see news helicopters.  Unsure about blimps, unmanned overheads, etc. 
Q – What will be done about the local homeless population?
A – Transient Enforcement Detail (TED) officers will be out in force.  Some transients who live along DPCC borders will be displaced.  While it is not illegal to be homeless, County ordinances will prohibit behaviors, all nuisance behaviors will be addressed by patrol.
Q – Will the walking path along the back of DPCC be habilitated?
A – There are efforts underway, made more complicated by tree roots.  During the event, street closures will eliminate the need for a path as roads will be open to foot traffic.

Board of Supervisors Deny CPAC Appeal

With an unanimous vote, the Board of Supervisors overturned the Arden Arcade CPAC's appeal of the Planning Commission's vote to approve the apartment complex.

More information can be found in the Sacramento Bee article here:  


Update 1/28/15 8:02 PM

Unfortunately, some news organizations are reporing that our organization intends to sue either the County or developer over this project. 

Despite our disagreement with the Board of Supervisors vote on this project, we recognize their vote as final. We have no intentions or desire to further oppose this project in any manner. 

St. Ignatius Brings Workshop Item to Arden Arcade CPAC

Parishioners and administration from St. Ignatius presented a workshop item to the CPAC at January's meeting. The workshop item concerned plans to replace the existing parish offices and existing school with a 40,466 square foot single story building.  Both CPAC members as well as community members in attendance were very supportive of the project. This item will come before the CPAC for a final vote at a later unspecified date.

If you have questions or comments on this project, please submit them to the Arden Arcade CPAC using the email address: cpac-ardenarcade@saccounty.net

Detailed pictures of the existing and proposed structures are available below.

Anton Butano Complex Hearing Before Board of Supervisors

On January 27th at 2:30 PM at the Board of Supervisor Chamber Room, the Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing to decide whether or not to approve the Anton Butano Apartment Complex.  

This meeting is in response to the Arden Arcade CPAC's unanimous denial of the project as well as the subsequent appeal of the Planning Commission's approval of this project.

More information can be found here:
Sacramento County Board of Supervisor's Hearing Letter

Planning Commission Approves Butano Development in 5-0 Vote

Monday evening the Sacramento County Planning Commission approved the design of the Anton Butano Apartment Complex in a unanimous vote.  The Planning Commission Chair recognized members of the public brought forth some valid concerns in relations to traffic impacts, access from the site to schools, and accessibility issues, but ultimately said he and the rest of the commission were constrained to design-related aspects of the project when making their decision.

The Arden Arcade CPAC had recommended disapproval of this project in a unanimous 7-0 vote and also unanimously voted to appeal the decision of the Planning Commission should they approve of this project. The CPAC's appeal will now take effect and will force this issue to be heard by the Board of Supervisors at an unspecified date.  

Read the Sacramento Business Journal article:

Butano Apartments nearing final approval stage

Anton Butano Apartment Complex


The Arden Arcade CPAC voted unanimously (7-0) against this project on November 20th.
The project will now head to the Sacramento County Planning Commission on December 8th at 5 PM.
The CPAC also pre-approved an appeal of the Planning Commission's approval of this project should that happen.
The appeal would then be heard by the County Board of Supervisors at an unspecified date.
If the Planning Commission votes against this project, the project will be cancelled.

Project Description: 

This project is for a 148 attached multi-family residential units, 3 stories high, on approximately 5.16 acres.


The property is located at 2134 Butano Drive on the south and east sides of 
Butano Drive approximately 400 feet northeast of the Butano Drive/Cottage Way 
intersection in the Arden Arcade Community.

Community Concerns:

  • Traffic Impact
  • Lack of Safe Routes to Cottage Elementary School and other schools
  • Three story development is incompatible with a neighborhood composed of mostly single story homes.

Sacramento County Planning Department Project Documents:

Planning Documents