Minutes from the Arden Arcade Sheriff's Meeting 1/6/15

Sacramento County Sheriff (SCS), North Division, Community Meeting
January 6, 2015, 6:00 p.m.
2500 Marconi Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95821

Bike & Pedestrian Safety at school crossings – per CHP
Increased Officer Presence
Resident expressed interest regarding Del Paso Manor Elementary School morning drop-off; CHP advised to call principal’s office or Sacramento County Sheriff if problem worsened.
Email with complaints to 250POP@chp.ca.gov
Fulton - El Camino Park Issues

Resident expressed concern with the crosswalk at Howe Park.
SCS is aware of the issue and is working to resolve problems there.
SCS is ramping up for Spring (i.e, increase in foot traffic in park once weather is nicer).

One resident thanked the park police for the gates at Bellview Park
The gates have decreased unwanted behaviors in park after hours.

Resident Question:  
If we witness illegal or suspicious behaviors, should we call it in to SCS?

SCS Answer:  
Yes, always call to (916) 874-5015 (non-emergency) and be as descriptive as possible.
Vanessa McCarthy – Supervisor Susan Peter’s Office
If you see something unusual, please call to appropriate office.

Valero Gas Station/El Camino Recycling Center:
Call in all violations to create a history of complaints. 
Violations include on-site alcohol consumption, after hours operation, etc. 
Cal Recycle requires a recycling center surrounding grocery retailers.  
Business licenses can be removed but only if a history of repeated violations is documented.

Resident proposed County request Valero Recycling center to cease operation on day of recycling collection, which has worked in other areas. 

Vanessa was doubtful they would fulfill request.

Supervisor Peters' office looking to sit down with business owners, land owners, in Watt Avenue & El Camino Avenue areas in order to determine issues and solutions, create a strong Merchants Association. 

Open Questions to Sacramento County Sheriffs (SCS)

Resident Question:  
Do increased calls result in increased patrol assigned to areas?

SCS Answer:  
Increased calls show in statistics which may increase patrol units in the long run.
Resident Question:   
If I hear gunshots, should I call it in?
SCS Answer: 
If you hear shots fired and see something, call it in.
Call in all you see and hear to create a history of reports in order to have them addressed.

Resident Question:  
When there is heavy SCS activity, is there a way for residents to determine what has happened?

SCS Answer:  
Not really.  If large enough, it’ll be press released.  
If not, perhaps using a scanner will provide information.  Recommended scanner app for smartphones “Scanner Radio”

5-0 Radio Police Scanner
Download for (iOS)

Police Scanner
Download for Android

Listen on PC or MAC
SCS also recommended using NextDoor.com for alerts from the Sheriff's department.
Resident Question: 
Someone arrested on Wright and Carlsbad – any additional info available?

SCS Answer:  
Unaware, POP Officer Sherrie Carhart  (scarhart@sacsheriff.com) will follow up with resident.
Resident Question:  
Following the incident at the Motel 6 on Howe, public schools were alerted and placed on lockdown or in hold.  Private schools such as St. Philomene’s were not alerted.  Is there a remedy for this?

SCS Answer: 
Not at this time.  It depends on severity of situation. Had it been more threatening, a deputy would have visited the campus directly. 
Resident Question:  
Having been told in past meeting, incidents involving code enforcement and SCS are not reported to Supervisor Susan Peter’s office to create a history of problems, should residents both call in the issue to the appropriate agency   (Code enforcement or SCS) and then also call in the incident to Supervisor Peter’s office?

Answer per Vanessa McCarthy:  
If a repeat issue, yes, to create a history of the problem.  Code enforcement, SCS, Community Prosecution at the DA’s office all work together to solve community issues.
Resident Question:  
Who controls area around Pasadena and Auburn Blvd?  Untrimmed grass allows homeless to camp in area intended for wildlife.
SCS Answer:  
Sacramento City area, call them at (916) 264-5471
Resident expressed concern about reputation of neighborhood following the shooting  and death of officer in motel incident.  Expressed relief other areas were having similar issues, not just our area. 
Resident expressed concern regarding area behind Staples on Howe Avenue, where transients are camping, intimidating to families who use the bus stop.  SCS recommended calling the businesses who own the land involved.  Call patrol when you witness illicit activities by transients.  Officers can determine if transients have warrants and move them along. 
Transient Ordinance
Passed by Board of Supervisors in 2014, sued by ACLU and now ready to be implemented.  There is currently a grace period. During this time, patrol is passing out pamphlets to transients explaining the ordinance, full enforcement starting February 14, 2015.  Prohibits aggressive panhandling and panhandling in median.
Resident expressed concern about businesses in El Camino Avenue and Howe Avenue strip mall.  Wants to encourage businesses to stay but is intimidated by the behaviors in the parking lot and around buildings.  Security on hand seems only to socialize with the bad element rather than discourage. 

SCS encouraged contact with business and property owners to make sure they’re aware of issues.
Resident expressed concern over high school children from Encina High School smoking dope on his property, throwing glass bottles and breaking windows on property.  San Juan School District patrol stays to the front of Encina High School rather than the rear where children know they can misbehave. 

SCS Answer: SCS will speak with SJUSD patrol to resolve the issue.
New Captain Gonzalez Introduced himself, former POP Officer